Project 94150

UE4 rigging & scirpting project for thirdperson game.

Animating Facial Photoscans

Photoscan to character rig in ue4.

Python Piano

Python script loading midi file to drive animation of a piano.

Neon Rain

UE4 cyberpunk environment, Heavy focus on the night lights in the rain.


Zbrush character Sculpt. Exploring the cyberpunk asthetic.

My Work


Photoscan to UE4 with live link face

Using Photogrammetry to capture a 3d scan of myself I developed a 3D model I could control with facial motion capture in UE4 with live link face.Here is an overview of the visual scripting for the live link face character rig of myself. From face calibration to...

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Alan Welsh Technical Artist

About Me

Ambitious and enthusiastic 3D Generalist with a proven ability to develop high-quality 3D assets as well as having a solid understanding of the PBR pipeline. Possessing the artistic expertise and technical ability required to work closely with designers to create visually stimulating content that will intensify game playability. I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree & currently working as a freelance artist. I have a keen interest in the following subjects:



Currently using “Agisoft Metashape” to build my scans. By using cross-polarized light, I can capture textures without specular reflections. I Use “Maya’s” quad draw to retopologize my scans.



Currently using “Maya” for developing my rigs and animating¬† them. The ability to integrate python script into my animations is a great way to speed up and create more complicated rigs.


3d Modeling

“3D Studio Max” is my current go to for 3D modeling hard surface models and “ZBrush” for organic 3D sculpts. I have been using “Blender” more with recent collaborative works.



UE4 is great for showcasing my work and the robust blueprint system is great for rapid prototyping. I have also been developing with C++ which is more proficient for solving complex problems.


Latest Posts

Hello World

Hello World

Welcome. This website is here to host my portfolio, showreel, and blog about current projects I'm working on. Shout out to David Welsh @

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